Alec Baldwin Makes Idiotic Joke About Politics And Carrie Fisher — Immediately Gets His A** Kicked

Celebrity Alec Baldwin bites his tongue after he makes a fool out of himself on live TV. He went down the deep end after making a joke about Carrie Fisher’s death and politics. Now America is FURIOUS!

According to thefederalistpapers,


Alec Baldwin finally got what’s coming to him.

The unfunny (except on 30 Rock) celebrity, who lately makes his fame by poorly imitating Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live skits, went a step too far and made a crass joke on Twitter about Carrie Fisher’s death.

And it made him persona non grata on the social media platform.

Comparing the untimely deaths of legends George Michael and Carrie Fisher with politics, he said “Death comes in threes. Carrie Fisher, George Michael, The integrity of the Oval Office.”

Reported by the smokeroom,

(Photo: Twitter screengrab)

(Photo: Twitter screengrab)

His followers were not amused by the joke.

“Pretty tacky that you linked their deaths to politics,” one user told Baldwin. “BTW, the integrity of the Oval Office was lost 8 years ago.”

“SUCH bad taste,” a second added.

“Another idiot that had to politicize someones death instead of just saying R.I.P. Carrie! I guess that’s too much to ask!”

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Maybe he will think twice before he tweets next time…

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