Looney Blonde Is Dared To Taze Her Pelvic Bone- Watch What Happens

Sometimes I wonder if some people were born without a brain… Well this dumb blonde is definitely missing part of hers! Watch as she decides to TAZE her pelvic bone with a stun gun. I bet you can guess what happens NEXT! OUCH!!!

Via Threepercenternation this girl has obviously never experienced a stun gun, and she believed that a quant get together would be a good time to try one out.

Of course, she did not apply it to her clothing or to a heavily-muscled area, like her thighs or buttocks. She wanted to run a test on her own pelvic bone.

Brilliant, right?

It is especially brilliant given a bit of knowledge of how a stun gun affects the body.

Basically, a stun gun is designed to disrupt the communication of the body’s nervous system. The device uses a high-voltage, low-amperage electrical charge. The charge has massive amounts of pressure behind it, but a low amount of intensity. When held against the body, the charge passes through the body, and because of the high-voltage, will even pass through clothing. Of course, our girl in the video below chose to avoid clothing, so she gets bonus points.

At around 3 milliamps, the charge is not nearly intense enough to damage a body unless the application is maintained for an extended period of time.

A number of things do happen to serious confuse the body and the nervous system, though.

The charge introduces extra signals to the brain, causing “noise.” A person who is being affected by a stun gun will have a hard time sending signals to the muscles because their brain is confused by all of the additional electricity.

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Warning Graphic language!


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