(VIRAL VIDEO) Tucker Carlson Embarrasses Dem Congressman After Being Called A “Russian Stooge”

Really?! Dems once again sink to an all time low with this-

With false claims of conservative news being “fake news” to now, saying “Russians are the reason why Trump won.” They just continue to be more and more ridiculous by the hour.

Reported by the americanlookout:

Democrats have been claiming that the Russians hacked the election.

Now, Democrat Congressman Adam Schiff wants Obama to investigate. Tucker Carlson had him on his show to explain.

Tucker asked Schiff reasonable questions about Schiff’s proof. Tucker asked Schiff how he knew Russians were responsible.

Watch: Via YouTube

From the video (beginning at 6:50 mark):

Tucker Carlson: “You can’t say you know that the Putin government did that . . . You’re dodging! Look and say: ‘I know they did. John Podesta’s emails. They hacked those.’”

Adam Schiff: “I think that Ronald Reagan would be rolling over in his grave that you’re carrying water for the Kremlin . . . “

Tucker Carlson: “I’m not carrying water for the Kremlin. Look, you’re a sitting member of the Intel Committee and you can’t say: ‘They hacked . . . ‘”

Adam Schiff: “You’re going to have to move your show to RT – Russian television – because this is perfectly . . . “

Tucker Carlson: “That is just so beneath your office. Because it’s so dumb. You’re being duplicitous. I’m asking: Did they hack Podesta’s emails. And you can’t say it.”

Tucker asked Schiff to state his proof – and the pathetic Democrat accuses Tucker Carlson of being a Russian stooge!!

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Horrible! Just horrible…

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