Dr. Ben Carson Refuses To Back Down- Announces His Faith To The World

AMEN Dr. Ben Carson! This man has always been proud of his faith in Jesus Christ, and after a heated debate, Carson drops a BOMBSHELL like no other! WOW…


According to americannews,

Dr. Ben Carson has never been shy about his faith—something that fellow doctors and scientists have been quick to call a contradiction. But Carson is a man of God, and he made that very clear when he came face-to-face with an atheist who was challenging your belief.

After some debate back and forth, Carson dropped this piece of genius:

“You know what, you won,” Ben told the atheist. “I believe I came from God, and you believe you came from a monkey, and you’ve convinced me you’re right.”

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“I remember a few years back I was engaged in a debate in Hollywood with a leading atheist. This guy thinks anybody who believes in God is a total moron. As they got to the end of the conversation, you know, he is denigrating anybody who could believe in Creation, I said, “You know what? You win.”

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Hahaha- Mr. Carson is awesome!

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