America In Shock: Country Megastar Stabs Trump in the Back. Will You Still Support Him?

Country star Garth Brooks doesn’t talk much about his views on politics. However, George W. Bush decided to ask Brooks about his opinion, and what he said left Trump and every American in total SHOCK!

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Reported by americannews,

Garth Brooks has been in the spotlight during multiple presidential candidacies, from Bush to Trump. Through all of them, he’s never given an opinion on the president, other than talking about our political system being broken.

When George W. Bush was inaugurated, Brooks was asked about his views on Bush and how the presidential race went.

“The whole political system kind of has me concerned right now, to tell you the truth,” he responded. “Two hundred years old and we might think about kind of kicking it in the ass a little bit. It just seems like we vote for things because they’re Republican or Democratic. I think we should vote for them because they’re right or wrong. Once we get there. Let’s try and be four years down the road further than we were, and let’s see what happens. Let’s all work together.”

Now, Brooks has once again been asked about his political stance and how he feels about Donald Trump. He has not taken a public stance on either Clinton or Trump. The only indication of how we feel is when Garth was asked about singing at Donald Trump’s inauguration and he DECLINED!

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Do you still support Garth Brooks?

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