On His Death Bed, Fearless Marine Delivers Unbelievable Message To Donald Trump

U.S. Marine on his deathbed has a very important message for Donald Trump. Even though he is very sick, it doesn’t stop this Hero from telling Trump exactly how he feels about his new President! PRAISE GOD!


Reported by freedomdaily,

Dr. Larry Lindsey is a former United States Marine, as well as a stalwart supporter of Donald Trump. Unfortunately, Lindsey has been ill, and was in the hospital on his deathbed. But his illness did not stop him from releasing a video, saying goodbye to President-elect Trump, Vice President-elect Mike Pence, and General Mattis.

“President Trump, Vice President Pence, General Mattis… ” he says, clearly struggling to breathe. “What I would like to say is that the greatest honor of my life has been to wage this battle with you. I have been prouder of being a Marine than anything I have ever done in my life. Having a hand in some small way in fighting for my country has meant the world to me.”

“There is no greater honor to me than to have great men like you leading this country back to its foundation and back to God.”

According to redstatewatcher,

Dr. Larry Lindsey: Farewell dear friends. I seem to have run out of ammo.

Update from /r/The_Donald:

UPDATE Dr. Lindsey has just passed away at his home. He chose to leave the hospital and spend the last hours of his life at home with his Family and beloved pets. From Facebook: “Tara Lindsey: Larry passed a few mins ago please keep all his family in your prayers” I’ve reached out to her for support. Please respect the family’s privacy, but do offer condolences and prayer! weeping sorry guys…His war is over… We have to march on. RAISE A GLASS TONIGHT CENTIPEDES! ONE OF OUR FINEST IS WALKING INTO TUN TAVERN TONIGHT! VALHALLA FOR MARINES!
May this brave Marine rest in peace!
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