Elementary School Spits On Christianity With Disturbing New “Satan Club” For Kids

What in the WORLD! Is this school MAD!?! An Elementary School in Washington is creating a new program for children called the “Satan Club.” God Please help our Country!

Reported by madworldnews,

The respect that Christianity once received in this nation is long gone. Unfortunately, things have recently gone to a new low after one elementary school in Tacoma, Washington opened a new nasty program for 5-year-olds that undoubtedly spits on Christianity and should leave every Christian in our country fearing for the future.

Point Defiance Elementary School in Tacoma, Washington recently announced a new program that they’re going to offer their kindergarten students. In an effort to expose children to other religions and to adhere to the requests of Satanists in the area, the controversial program “Satan Club” was born.

According to americanlookout,

The Left is perpetuating “multiculturalism.”

So what does that entail? Satanic clubs at elementary schools!

Tacoma, Wash.’s first after-school Satan club opened its doors at Point Defiance Elementary School. Local Satanists told Q13 News they are not trying to convert children; instead they want to expose them to other religions.

The controversial program drew a protest at the school Wednesday. Nearly 40 people stood outside to protest the new after-school program put on by The Satanic Temple of Seattle.

“These 5-year-old children are very impressionable; if you have an adult come in and talk about Satan, they’re going to be harmed by that,” said John Ritchie, with the conservative American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property.

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These people are NUTS! How do you feel about the Satan Club?

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