GRAPHIC VIDEO: THIS Off Duty Police/Uber Driver Shoots, Curb Stomps, and Kills 3 Attackers

Three thugs decided to hit the streets and pull an assault on their Uber driver and perhaps get away with a vehicle, but little did they know their prey was a certified BADASS.

Watch as he takes out all three armed thugs in a what looks like a scene of an old gangster film. All three dudes died from their injuries. A lesson learned..all too late.

VIA| As one of the thugs attempts to pull him out of the vehicle, he draws his weapon and shoots him.

He then opens his rear, driver-side door and fires more rounds into another one of the armed wannabe hijackers in the back seat.

The third thief attempts to flee past the front of the vehicle when he is also engaged and hit by the off duty policeman.

The beastly Uber driver then goes on to secure the fallen thugs, ensuring that they are no longer a threat.

As he returns to the vehicle, he disarms the fatally wounded criminal in his back seat, and follows through with a massive curb stomp to his head against the pavement.

All three thugs died from their wounds.

Although, the officer was acting in self defense, and two firearms were recovered from the dead scumbags, the off duty cop/Uber driver was terminated from Uber and also faces homicide charges.

Watch the video here

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