Musical Highway Sings ‘America The Beautiful’ When You Drive Over It (Must See)

Have you ever accidentally drove over the rumble strip on the side of the road?? Well right outside Albuquerque, NM there is a rumble strip that plays “America the Beautiful” loud and clear when you drive your car over it. Have a look… IT’S AWESOME!

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How many times are you able to have a patriotic experience while driving? Not very often. However, there is a patch of highway around Albuquerque, New Mexico that offers a one of a kind nod to one of America’s most patriotic tunes.

On the historic Route 66 highway, right outside the large New Mexico city, lays a special set of rumble straps. What is normally an annoying, yet necessary safety mechanism of the road ways, these rumble strips offer something more. If driven on at exactly 45 miles per hour, the rumble straps recreate the chorus of “America The Beautiful.” While you might think this is unbelievable, one couple uploaded their experience to Youtube. With cruise control set to exactly 45 miles per hour, you can clearly hear the rumble straps humming the familiar tune!

This phenomenon is created by specifically placing the rumble strips in a specific pattern. This process takes tedious testing and exact conditions to work. There are also several other locations of road around the country that also offer a musical experience. However, this specific example is noted for its patriotic nod as it is located on one of the landmark highways of America’s history. Route 66 winds throughout the country and allows drivers to experience the scenery of this great country.

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Paid for by the National Geographic Channel for its series, “Crowd Control,” the road plays part of “America the Beautiful” — but only if you travel the speed limit: 45 mph.

Route 66 Musical Road

The rumble strip is easy to miss. We thought it was a long, thin asphalt patch on our first pass and missed it completely. You have to align and hold your right tires carefully over the strip in order to hear the song, which is only a short clip of the full song. But it is fun to hear when you get it right!

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What a cool idea… a singing road!

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