Immigrant Pushes Woman Down Subway Stairs

It’s been a while since we’ve written about Germany. Fret not, you haven’t missed much.

Germany’s goings-on have remained mostly the same (see RELIGION OF PEACE: Refugees Go on Stabbing Spree. German Family Records Aftermath…).

The latest in German news? A gang of migrants were walking through the subway when a girl appeared in front of them.

That was her first mistake. So they promptly kicked her down the stairs…

The CCTV footage shows a German girl getting ambushed by a gang of migrants in Berlin Neukölln Subway station.

One of the men viciously kicks the young woman in the back – she tumbles down the stairs, hits her head on the floor and is later treated in the hospital. Another man picks up what appears to be one of her belongings.

The footage of the random attack that happened on the 27th of October around midnight only just surfaced and made it into local German newspapers.

Police are investigating for dangerous assault…

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