Breaking: What ISIS Is Doing To Children Will Leave You Enraged

WARNING: Extremely disturbing! If you don’t already completely despise ISIS, you WILL after seeing what they are doing to their children… Just HORRIBLE!

Reported by supremepatriot,

As if you needed ANOTHER reason to despise everything about radical Islam, here’s one more.

ISIS is now training children – freaking children – to be suicide bombers.

Does it get any lower than that?


According to SkyNews,

A child suicide bomber who was ordered by Islamic State extremists to carry out an attack on a sports stadium in Iraq has told Sky News how he was trained with dozens of other children in a special camp.

Shocking pictures of the failed attempt show the moment Mahmoud Ahmed was arrested in August.

He looked confused and terrified as security forces took off his explosive vest.

He was stopped near the stadium following two successful attacks in the city of Kirkuk earlier in the day.

IS propaganda video
Children as young as nine are being taken from their families by ISIS

The 15-year-old is now being held at a juvenile detention centre on terrorism charges.

Sky News was given rare access and gained a unique insight into the way IS is training children to fill their depleted ranks in the city of Mosul, which is under attack from Iraqi forces.

Mahmoud looks smaller than his age but spoke fluently throughout the interview, which was conducted in the presence of Kurdish intelligence agents.

Mahmoud Ahmed was arrested in August.

Cubs of the Caliphate’ trained to kill

He told me how he was radicalised and given weapons training.

“They taught us how to use a Kalashnikov and a PKC machine gun and then transferred us to Hawija.

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“There were four older men who would teach us about heaven and stuff like that.

“Twenty-four hours a day they’d teach us about this stuff. There were 60 of us born from 2002 onwards.

“They would scare us and would show videos of beheadings and stuff like that.”

IS fighters with what they say are military vehicles captured in Palmyra

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Please pray for these poor innocent children in ISIS…

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