Lady Gives Homeless Person A Pair Of Socks, His Reaction Is Heartbreaking

One innocent woman thought she would be kind and help out a homeless man holding a sign on the side of the road. When she pulled up to give him socks, his reaction nearly left her in tears! Ha. The nerve of some people!

According to yournationnews,

When many people see a homeless person, it brings out their caring nature. They want to do what they can to help. A woman gave a man a pair of socks, but the man did something that surprised even her. The man has been seen on the road with his dog and a guitar. He will often play music while standing on the sidewalk with a sign asking for work or food.

Debbie Barrett encountered the man on the side of the road while she was driving. She posted to social media about her experience with him. She was driving around the town with a friend to try to find people who needed help. Debbie’s friend gave the man three pairs of socks when they saw him.

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The man ignored the women and turned around. She offered the socks to him again. This time, he gave her a stern comment. He stated that his sign didn’t say anything about socks and called her a selective name. The man then started videotaping the women while they were in the car. This is a man who seemed to be down on his luck but didn’t want any help. The women realized that they couldn’t help everyone.

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I guess you can’t please everyone!

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