Angry Man Murders His New Wife After He Discovered What Was Under Her Wedding Dress… OMG

Reported by allthatsnews,

Just hours after a couple was wed ’till death do they part,’ the husband killed his wife. The murder is suspected of being an ‘honor killing,’ say police. The groom might have suspected that his wife was not a virgin.

Qalandar Bux Khokhar married his cousin Khanzadi in Jacobabad. The very next day, the wife’s lifeless body was discovered in her bedroom. Khokhar has fled.

Khanzadi’s mother couldn’t get in touch with her daughter the day after the nuptials and became concerned. The bride’s brother and police broke into the house and found the woman on the bed. She’d been strangled.

Some speculated that Khokhar might have killed his bride because he suspected she wasn’t a virgin, but police say this is an unfounded rumor. Others report that the couple had a heated argument because of a delay in the ceremony that might have carried over into the wedding night.

According to tribune,

A bride was allegedly strangled to the death by her husband on the night of their wedding in a suspected case of ‘honour killing’, Jacobabad police said on Saturday.

During the day, an alleged picture of the deceased bride made rounds on social media and suggested that the young girl was killed by her husband for “not being a virgin”. However, this piece of information could not be verified.

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Khanzadi, daughter of Lal Mohammad Lashari, married her cousin Qalandar Bux Khokhar the night before her lifeless body was found in her bedroom in ADC Colony. The suspect, her husband, remains on the run.

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Nobody has given anyone right to take the life of any soul. Poor girl!

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