Watch Megyn Kelly Slap Dirty Hillary Clinton In The Face. Ha!

Hillary in total shock after Megyn Kelly shows her true colors! Megyn is tired of Hillary using her with nothing in return, and finally steps up. WOW!

According to conservative101,

Megyn Kelly showed a new side to herself over this election. Even though she works at Fox, she really had it in for Trump and had a bias towards Hillary Clinton. It even appeared that at one point she styled her hair to look more like Hillary. However, now that Hillary has lost and has been out of the picture, Megyn Kelly is started to see how much she was being used.

“All of her time out there saying what a fantastic journalist I am, which she was using because she knew Trump had attacked me, she was using to try to curry favor with certain voting blocs,” said Megyn Kelly.

Hillary pretended to like Kelly because Trump attacked her and Hillary had to look like a savior to women. However Kelly is finally starting to see through it. Kelly said that she asked Hillary “50 ways from Sunday” to come on her show for an interview, but Hillary refused.

“Her team didn’t want to ‘legitimize’ Fox News,” Kelly concluded as she pointed out double standards.

“People who wouldn’t call her out at all are now shocked and horrified that Donald Trump may not sit with certain news reporters or organizations,” she said. Can Megyn Kelly redeem herself? Check out the video below.

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Hell yeah Megyn Kelly!

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