Obama Loses His Cool After Bill O’Reilly Completely Embarrasses Him On Live TV

Ah, what a classic liberal! Obama only has weeks left in the White House and right before he leaves Bill O’Reilly catches him off guard. It’s PRICELESS!

Reported by AmericanNews,

After eight long years in the White House, Barack Obama is finally preparing to leave the office. With Obama getting ready to hand his responsibilities over to Trump, a damning clip from just before he was elected in 2008 has resurfaced.

In the clip, Obama is completely destroyed by Fox News host Bill O’Reilly on live television.

In the footage, then-Senator Obama claims that he has friends who are right wing. O’Reilly immediately asks Obama to name one friend of his that is a Republican.

Of course, Obama stumbles over his words and fails to name the ‘conservative’ friends he holds so dear.

This comes just weeks after O’Reilly highlighted the many reasons Obama has failed the United States as a president. He argued that there are many things Obama could not conquer in his eight years in office that he hopes Trump will have a better hand on.

According to conservativefighters,

“First, targeted tax cuts for business,” O’Reilly began. “While at the same time, phasing out deductions that drain tax receives to the government.

Mr. Trump is an expert at that and he will understand that in order to rebuild the military and roads, bridges, et cetera, you need cash.”

“Also persuading corporations to bring the profits they are hoarding overseas back to invest in America would be a huge economic stimulator that would expand the economy and create well-paying jobs,” O’Reilly continued. “If corporations would commit billions to expansion, the financial markets will go wild. And the USA would take on tremendous economic momentum.

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To be polite, President Obama does not understand macro-economics and generally sees a private business as an opponent of social justice.”

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Great Job Bill!!!

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