Most People Cannot Find The Missing Letter In Under 10 Sec… Can You???

Does your brain play tricks on you without you even noticing? The brain has a very unique way of correcting mistakes around us, and fixing them so we can put the puzzle pieces together and make sense of the world. This is called the Stroop Effect.

Lets find out if your brain is telling the TRUTH???

Reported by yournationnews,

The human brain can solve everyday problems and control critical body functions; however, sometimes it works against us. It’s called the Stroop Effect, an attempt to label the brain’s ability to hide the truth.

Maybe you don’t see a typo that’s right in front of your eyes. It’s because the brain can has a unique ability to correct things that are not as they should be. For instance, an adult brain recognizes words by the way they look rather than the combination of individual letters. Certain letters can be left out of the word and the reader may not notice. Or, even if the reader does notice, the mind can comprehend what is says easily.

The Stroop Effect not only affects readers. Oftentimes, the eyes are unable to identify different shapes and colors because the mind sees things as they should be rather than reality. This is because the mind attempts to categorize things it sees in order to identify objects. Similar shapes and colors are often categorized as similar by the mind despite the fact one item is different. Nobody knows exactly why the Stroop Effect exists or if we are born with this unique ability or disadvantage, whichever way you choose to see it.

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