Brave Police Officer’s Picture Going Viral- Americans Speechless

Our men in blue risk their lives everyday to protect us. This police officer thought he was alone on a dangerous job, little did he know he had a backup angel watching over him!

According to newsiosity,

In the wake of all of the violence across the nation that has manifested itself in police-involved shootings – as well as in criminals turning the tables and firing on officers – it’s become fairly well-known that members of law enforcement have plenty of support from the public, as well as detractors. That support is apparent on Facebook pages such as Ohio Going Blue, which is a haven for supportive messages.

As Mad World News shares, a recent post has managed to go viral – and raise eyebrows at the same time. A presumably well-meaning man shared this little gem.

“To the sheriff deputy outside messing with his cruiser what you didn’t know was I sat in this parking spot watching over you watching your back I got your 6. What else you didn’t know was that I got a CCW and I will protect your life if it comes down to it. Your not on your own out here. Stay safe sir. This is at the Circleville, Ohio wal-Mart but however you are from a different county. Igotyour6,” the post read.

From madworldnews,

The officer was on duty alone, or so he thought since he didn’t know there was a good guy with a gun there as backup in a moment’s notice in case a bad guy with a gun might attempt to take him down.

“You’re not on your own out here. Stay safe sir,” Russell said in closing, sharing a sentiment than many of us who legally carry a weapon with us wherever we go can relate to, and criminals need to beware.

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Barack Obama has allowed there to be an open season on police officers in the name of justice for thugs and his support of the Black Lives Matter movement. That’s all coming to an end after President-elect Donald Trump is sworn in and gives power back to the police and supports responsible gun owners’ right to protect themselves.

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This cops actions are being viewed as both admirable and downright creepy… How do you feel?

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