Dirty Rapist Assaults Teen Girl In The Worst Way: Receives A Dose Of Insta-Karma

An innocent teen is now facing charges after an angry french rapist tried attacking her. This man picked the wrong target to mess with! Watch as this pervert gets instant KARMA…


Reported by madworldnews,

A debauched pervert approached a teen girl, expecting that the lone teen would be an easy target for his sick rape spree. However, as soon as he cornered and groped the poor girl, he received an appropriate dose of brutal revenge that he never saw coming.

When a woman succeeds in defending herself against a sexual attacker, we’d expect the feminists and leftists to lift her upon their shoulders and hail her as a champion of women’s rights — unless her abuser is a member of a protected minority group. Unfortunately for one brave teen, this is exactly what happened after she fought for her honor and life and came out the victor.

According to dailymail,

A woman who battered a man she says was groping her could face homicide charges after he died from his injuries.

The 18-year-old girl allegedly hit her attacker with the heel of her shoe after he continually pestered her in a public square in Bordeaux, in south-western France.

He died a a result of severe head injuries.

The man died from injuries sustained after being hit with a shoe in Place de la Victoire in Bordeux

The man died from injuries sustained after being hit with a shoe in Place de la Victoire in Bordeux

In spite of her protests, she told police, the man in his 30s continued to harass her and began groping her.

She said she repeatedly smashed her shoe into the alleged pervert’s head, but witnesses said she did not stop until he was unconscious.

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The man was rushed to hospital in a critical condition, and went into a coma.

The alleged sex attacker died two weeks later, and prosecutors have now upgraded their investigation to homicide.

The teenage girl is now under investigation for using ‘mortal blows leading to death’.

She has been arrested and remanded in custody.

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Pray for this girl and her family! She doesn’t deserve to be locked up.

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