Popular Fast Food Restaurant Disrespects Police Officers While They Are Eating Inside: “F*** THA POLICE”

Liberals are at it again. Recently in Colorado a fast food burger place decides to disrespect our Men In Blue in the worst way possible. You’re NOT going to like this…


According to supremepatriot,

Friggin’ Smashburger.

Friggin’ liberals!

While cops we’re eating at one of their locations in Colorado, the restaurant played the famous rap song “F*** tha Police.”

What the hell is wrong with people?

Several employees of an Aurora burger restaurant are on leave after they played the NWA song “F**k the Police” on a loop while Aurora police officers dined in on Friday.

Reported by aurorasentinel,

The group Brotherhood for the Fallen mentioned the incident on their Facebook page Saturday and said it happened at a Smashburger restaurant near Smoky Hill Road and Aurora Court.

“The staff played ‘F**k The Police’ on repeat the entire time the officers were in their establishment,” the group wrote.

In a statement Monday, a Smashburger spokeswoman apologized for the incident.

“First and foremost, we respect, honor and appreciate every police department in the country. The regrettable events of Friday night in no way reflect the values or principles that are core to the Smashburger brand,” the statement said.

The employees involved and a manager are on leave while the incident is under investigation, the company said.

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