Rubbing Steel Wool On Your Car Windshield Will Blow Your Mind (Incredible Video)

Who would have ever thought steel wool could be used on your car’s windshield? Well guess what it is actually very useful and common… Have a look!

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At first, consider using steel wool on a windshield may seem like an awful idea. At least, that’s what common sense would tell you. However, with this hack, it’s best to keep an open mind because you’ll soon discover that’s not true.

Using steel wool that’s superfine is actually a common windshield cleaning trick that many car detailers use and it makes their lives easier because this hack works.

Plus, since time is valuable for dealers they only use the best tricks to get rid of the dirt and grime that can get stuck on a window.

So keeping this in mind, I’m sure you would agree that your time is valuable too.

Learning how to utilize the same hacks that the pros use is not only an excellent way to save time, but it’ll also cut down on stress, especially when SHTF is going on. So how do you go about using steel wool to get those car windows to look sparkly and shiny again?

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While counterintuitive, steel wool is what a lot of professional car detailers use on a daily basis to bring the ultimate clarity and shine to the cars they work on. Watch this video to learn this cool trick.

Before watching this,  I would never have let steel wool get anywhere near my car or truck. Steel wool is, by definition, an abrasive. Abrasives and car surfaces typically don’t get along very well. So seeing this video was a shock to me, and now I can’t wait to try it.

Just make sure you get the super fine steel wool, as it will only remove the dead bugs and grit without scratching the surface of the glass.

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Wow! Great hack!

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