Respected Black TV Host Annihilates The First Lady- “You’re A Spoiled B****”

TV host, Alfonso Rachel, is fed up with the First Lady and her BS! After all that high class living, Michelle has been using our tax money for her FAME, and all she has in her bitter heart is racism. Watch as he calls her out HARD!

According to conservativeworlddaily,

Michelle Obama finally got called out by a respected black television host for dividing Americans with race baiting.

The First Lady is so used to getting kissed up to by the mainstream media. That’s why she was shocked when host Alfonso Rachel used his show to call her out for being so divisive based on skin color.

GOP The Daily Dose reported that it all started when Michelle gave a shamelessly race-baiting speech at the predominantly-black Tuskegee University. Rachel was disturbed that Michelle was continuing to perpetuate the racial divide that her husband created, so he took action.

Take a look for yourself:

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HALLELUJAH! Well said Alfonso!

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