Army Vet Attacked & Paralyzed By Black Punk- Receives Horrifying Gift From Him A Year Later

Tragic story of a BLM thug attacking an army veteran. What this Punk did changed his life forever. Even though the Veteran survived, he lost a piece of his life that day!

Reported by fury,

Army veteran Chris Sanna was brutally attacked by a vicious thug in an armed robbery incident that would forever change his life. Although he was alive, he would now be paralyzed for the rest of his life. Now 15 months after the savage attack that’s left him confined to a wheelchair, Sanna has tracked down his would-be killer, and gave him a shocking surprise.

untitledOn September 25, 2015, Chris Sanna and his girlfriend were walking to their vehicle after a Cardinals baseball game when a black sedan pulled up to them. The two occupants of the car ended up robbing the couple and shooting Sanna in the process leaving him for dead.

Sanna, a resident of Houston, was in St Louis specifically to attend the game as a gift for his mother’s birthday who said all that she wanted for her birthday was to see a Cardinals game with her sons.

The man who shot Sanna, Kilwa Jones was arrested and sentenced to 35 years in prison for the robbery and attempted murder of Sanna. However, the army veteran has a special gift for Jones and last Wednesday, Sanna talked about reaching out to the family of the man who shot him

According to kmov,

A veteran shot and paralyzed after a Cardinals game last year made a moving show of generosity towards the family of the man who shot him.

Chris Sanna was shot during an armed robbery near the Old Cathedral in downtown St. Louis in September, 2015.

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Wednesday, Sanna talked about reaching out to the family of the man who shot him, Kilwa Jones.

“We’re supposed to get together, I got them gift cards and stuff for Christmas, we’re just trying to get the trial and stuff out of the way,” Sanna said.

Jones has already been sentenced to 35 years in a federal prison for the armed robbery that left Sanna paralyzed.

“They’re going to have to go visit him in jail, and he probably wishes that night never happened just like I do,” Sanna said.

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Please pray for strength for this veteran!

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