(Violent Video) Husband Walks In On His Wife In Bed With Another Man- Rips Him To Shreds

Husband thought his wife was up to no good, so he decides to go home and see if he was right. When he walks into the room he finds his wife in bed with with one of his friends… OUCH!

Reported by freedomdaily,

Social media has just been hit with a video that is now going VIRAL over an Alabama man’s heartbreaking suspicions proved to be…right on target. This husband had suspicions that his wife was cheating, and he decided to be proactive about it on finding out if he was right or not.

For this purpose he also took a friend with him on his mission to find the truth, to film the whole thing.

Once they were in place, the man walks into his own room as his friend is filming, and guess what he finds?

Yes. His wife, with another man.

He bursts into the very room where he and his wife had shared many moments together and shared together as a married couple and immediately begins to question her as his friend is filming the whole thing. It is still unclear as to how he became suspicious in the first place or what events led up to this discovery and effort to find the truth…but it happened.

However, the sickening part of this story is that it gets worse, this woman is not only cheating on her husband, she is cheating on her husband with a man who isn’t a stranger to him.

He called out the man he found with his wife by NAME!

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At this point…no one can blame him for what he did next. He rushed to the bed and starts beating on the man who is in bed with his awful wife. She had the NERVE to tell him to stop…really lady?

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What a stupid wife. The man can do way better!

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