10 SHOCKING PHOTOS Taken The EXACT Second Before Disaster Struck!

I will confess friends, that I have not always engaged in recreational activities where I was exercising the full use of my judgement. For example, one time I made the boneheaded decision to go to a paintballing and insist that I not wear any protective gear. Yep, never made that mistake again.

Also, when I was in high school, I once rode a satellite dish down a dirt road behind the back of a van holding onto a rope. We’ve all made those mistakes before. Or at least we have but are only willing to admit to some of them…

Have you ever been watching a scene unfold and you suddenly realize something really, really bad is about to happen? Have you ever wished you had your camera with you or had been quicker on the draw and been able to capture the moment right before disaster strikes?

We’ve all likely been in that situation at one time or another but there are some people who actually had the presence of mind to snap that photo and catch the moment right before all hell broke loose. Sadly, we don’t have photos of the moment shortly after the photo was taken, but we can certainly use our imagination in most of these instances.

I personally imagine that at least some of these people ended up waking up in an emergency room wondering how the hell they got there and how long they’d been out? Check out our list of the 10 most shocking photos of people taken right before disaster struck and let us know what you think.

That’s Not How Ladders Work

Quite frankly, it’s pretty impressive these two guys managed to make the ladder work the way they’re using it long enough for the dude in red to get a couple of steps out onto the ladder. We’re guessing this is about 10 seconds from someone taking a bad fall.

That’s Not How Trees Work

We’re trying to figure out just how this man thinks this is going to end. Why in the world isn’t he sitting on the part of the tree that will still be standing when he finishes sawing.

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The Bad Way To See If a Gun Is Loaded

There are few things on this planet dumber than looking into the barrel of the gun, on purpose. At least she doesn’t have her finger on the trigger…

Urban Rock Climbing?

It’s not entirely clear what made this man climb out his window and onto the top of his air conditioning unit. It’s also not clear how long he was stuck up there once he realized there was no easy way to get back inside.

No One Is That Hungry

Even if this tiger is as calm and friendly as he looks in this photo, it seems incredibly stupid to take a bite out of his tail. If you can’t picture what’s going to happen in the very next second from this photo, you really don’t have any imagination.

That Bicycle Is Not Built For Two

Ah young love. When you don’t think about everything that could go wrong when riding something like a bike in the absolute wrong way.

Coudn’t He Find a Ladder?

You’ve got to give this guy props for being brave enough to do something like this. One has to wonder how long he was able to celebrate that bravery before the board slipped.

That’s Still Not How Ladders Work

What is it about people trying to balance ladders in places where they absolutely should not be balanced? We think this guy is in for a painful fall once he shifts his weight a bit.

She’s In for the Long Haul

It’s hard to know where to begin when it comes to talking about all the things that likely went horribly wrong almost immediately after this picture was taken. Perhaps weirdest of all, is that it doesn’t seem as if they had to stand the fridge up is in the trailer. Laying it down would have been quite a bit safer, we’d think.

One Last Instance Demonstrating How Ladders Don’t Work

It would seem as though using the ladder in the right way to get to that power line would make more sense. This way just seems to be asking for injury or death in a number of different ways.

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