Black Trump Supporter Sends The President A Giant “2017 F**K YOU.” Obama INFURIATED

Obama has pretty much betrayed the entire black community during his 8 years in office. Now one black Trump supporter is speaking up about how he feels about Obama’s BS.

Reported by furynews,

If there’s anyone Obama has turned his back on during his presidency, it’s the black community. After 8 years of Obama’s debilitating policies, there are more black people on welfare than ever before, with the number black welfare participants exploding by a startling 58.2 percent. Add that to the fact that the homicide rate in many black areas is at an all-time high, and you can easily see how many black Americans have had enough of this president’s “hope and change.”

In light of Donald Trump’s unprecedented win, one black Trump supporter is speaking out in a must-see rant that’s going viral. In the following video, Mychal Massie goes on a rant beside his gun vault with cigar in Bible in hand, hilariously thanking Obama for being so much of a disaster that America ended up with Donald Trump. You can be sure that his viral rant will have liberals nation-wide collectively outraged, as his truth-filled words are right on point.

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Great job Mychal Massie!

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