(VIDEO) Dirty Joe Biden Kisses Senator’s Wife Smack On The Lips!

Vice President sure knows how to get the people talking. Recently this week he decided it would be a good idea to give Senator Chuck Grassley’s wife a big smooch on the lips, and he is not to happy about it!

Reported by americanlookout,

Vice President Joe Biden has a well established reputation for being a little too intimate with the ladies. This week, during senate confirmations, Biden even kissed the wife of Senator Chuck Grassley on the lips. And she’s an older lady.

Even the liberal website We Are Change noted the weirdness:

Biden Goes Viral After Kissing Chuck Grassley’s Wife on the Lips

Notoriously creepy Vice President Joe Biden was at it again on Tuesday — kissing Senator Chuck Grassley’s wife on the lips and getting a bit too touchy feely with several other ladies during the Senate inauguration.

Biden is well-known for his awkward moments, but this one with Barbara Grassley may take the cake.

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What a dirty old man!

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