Neurotic Drunk Thought He Could ‘Belly Crawl’ Away From Police Chopper Infra-Red Light: STUPID IDEA!

Another drunk driver who thinks he can run from the cops. Little did he know a police helicopter was following him with infra-red technology! Hilarious video will make you day! Ha!

According to thepatriotnation,

The eye in the sky does not lie.

Authorities called out a police helicopter armed with forward-looking infrared technology to track down an alleged drunk driver who fled an accident into the woods. It was a single-vehicle crash and the man had already been busted for operating under the influence five times. The event happened in Wareham, Massachusetts.

The driver’s name is John Layton, a 45-year-old fro Boston. He was eventually arrested and charged with operating under the influence of alcohol, operating a motor vehicle with a revoked license, and driving an uninsured and unregistered car. He abandoned the vehicle after the crash, and with his belly crawl technique, almost had a chance!

A trooper discovered the damaged vehicle around 8pm on December 31st. It was a van, a blue Nissan Quest, and it had two different license plates and was perpendicular to the road. Unfortunately, for Layton, witness saw him run into the woods and told police that he was likely in the area.

Enter Airwing and K9. You can see what happened in the video below. Police reported that Layton was “lying in the prone position approximately 30 feet into the wood line…”

Reported by bostonglobe,

With the help of the Airwing and K9 units, officers were able to pinpoint Layton, who was allegedly “lying in the prone position approximately 30 feet into the wood line,” police said.

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The prone position is when someone is stretched out flat on their stomach, as if they are trying to crawl.

State Police posted a video to YouTube, taken from the helicopter using Forward Looking Infra-red Technology, that shows the suspect on the ground, shrouded by trees. Later in the video, the man is seen walking out of the woods alongside what appears to be two police officers.

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What an idiot!

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