Young Islamist Stabs Man In The Middle Of The Street, Then Suddenly A MIRACLE

Young Islamist thought it would be funny to stab an innocent man on the street with a knife, then shoot off some fireworks for the New Year. A few infidels saw what was going on and decided to step in and save the day!

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A Muslim recently took it upon himself to stab a man in the street simply because he didn’t like the guy. Unfortunately for the Islamist, things would quickly turn sideways – and let’s just say it wasn’t so funny when a few fellow infidels showed up.

It all started while a few people were out celebrating the upcoming New Year and decided to light off some firecrackers in the process. However, what they didn’t take into consideration was just how close they were to a few Muslims while doing so – more specifically, a local kebab shop.

According to madworldnews,

WATCH: Muslim Kills Man In Road, Not So Funny When Fellow Infidels Arrive

Unfortunately for the 21-year-old man named Daniel who lit the firecracker, the Muslims inside became so infuriated that they ran outside and immediately began to attack the unsuspecting victim. According to reports, the brutal assault, that would later turn deadly, was carried out by two Algerians, a Tunisian, and a Moroccan and ended when one whipped out a knife.

Police explain that the man was stabbed twice with one of the wounds proving to be fatal, but things were far from over. As it turns out, a few infidels found out what had happened and recently decided to teach the Islamist a thing or two.

All caught on video, locals in the area have begun to arrive in great numbers and have assembled in protest of the establishment and the religion responsible for the unnecessary atrocity. However, not everyone is so calm and collected that they seek to express themselves in a non-violent way.

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Islamists just simply doing as their “holy” book commands of them.

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