Man Drives Over A “Soft Spot” In His Driveway, What He Discovers Changes History

Man thought he ran into a sink hole in his front yard of his house, so he decided to do a little digging. As he started to go a little deeper down he found something that would change history! OMG!

According to allthatsnews,

A man drove over a soft spot in his front yard. He thought his wheel was stuck in a soft flower bed or a sink hole. A little digging revealed a huge surprise.

Simon Marks, 37, discovered that there was a World War II air raid shelter right under his home. He never knew it was there until he investigated the soft spot in his front yard.

The shelter was filled to the top with mud, and Marks and his father have been excavating it. They’ve found glass bottles, newspapers and other memorabilia from the period.

Marks believes the old couple who he bought the house from filled it in. The couple built the house on the land in the 1970s and probably thought it best to just cover it up. Marks is hoping to preserve the historic treasure

Reported by the Sun,


Simon and his dad, Gerald, are gradually clearing the mud from the shelter, and have removed about half so far

He thought he had driven into a flowerbed at first but then found the hole, and what lies beneath

But on closer inspection he found that part of the driveway of his £400,000 house was covering a two-roomed shelter.

The 37-year-old computer support worker said: “This massive hole appeared. I thought it was a sinkhole or a badly constructed garden.

“I was just terrified the whole house was going to vanish. I took some pictures and sent them to my dad.

“When I moved a few of the slabs out of the way I found a ladder. I got my selfie stick and put it down the hole where I saw two rooms.

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“My dad saw it and instantly said it’s an air raid shelter.

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WOW! What an incredible find!

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