Mexicans Have Gone CRAZY! Angry Man Runs The Police Over With His Truck (Video)

The Mexican police have seen better days. Watch as the Mexican people get angry over Trump and run over the police with a truck!

WARNING: Violent Footage!

According to freedomdaily,

Things have been getting pretty dicey in Mexico since Trump won the election. The Mexican stock exchange fell, the Peso was demolished, hurtling down 13 percent on November 8th.

About 80 percent of Mexican exports come to the United States, and Mexicans are worried what it will mean with Trump as POTUS. It doesn’t help that Former Mexican President Vicente Fox just told Trump that he would not pay “for that f*cken wall.” That just pisses Trump off more, which is awesome. Trump promised to “make America great again,” not Mexico.

Gas prices in Mexico went up 20% in one day last week. This has led to widespread protests against the government. On Saturday, the riots began. Mexican police who were protecting a gas depot in Tijuana were targeted. A truck driver decided to drive full-speed into a line of riot police and it was all caught on camera.

Watch Via nbclosangeles,

Mexicans have been protesting since last week after gas prices went up 20 percent in one day. NBC 7’s Katia Lopez-Hodoyan reports from the border.

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WTF! These Mexican’s have gone NUTS!

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