Police Officer Shot And Left To Die By Scum Thug, Then A Miracle Appears

An Oklahoma police officer recently pulled over a vehicle with a gang member inside. Unfortunately, the officer wasn’t so lucky and was shot at multiple time. To his surprise a good citizen shows up and saves the day! Ohhh Yeahhhh!

According to freedomdaily,

Dash cam video released today shows a Valley Brook, Oklahoma officer being shot after he pulls over a vehicle. The shooting occurred on New Year’s Day.

What happened next will give you a little faith in humanity, and goes to show that “Blue Lives Matter” isn’t just a slogan, some people actually put it into action.

Officer Brian Southerland had just pulled over Cory Lee Hartsell, a scum sucking pos who’s a convicted felon and gang member. Hartsell has a rap sheet longer than an interstate highway, and he had a warrant for his arrest out at the time of the shooting.

When Officer Southerland exited his cruiser and began approaching the pickup truck Hartsell was driving, Hartsell opened fire several times. Southerland began running towards the back of his cruiser attempting to avoid the rounds coming at him. He wasn’t so lucky, though. A bullet struck Southerland in his upper leg and opened up a major artery.

Southerland was unable to move, and was bleeding out. He then called dispatch for help as Hartsell sped off.

Southerland: I’ve been hit.

Dispatch: Where were you hit at?

Southerland: I’m sitting next to my vehicle. I’m shot in the leg.

Dispatch: Sir. We are notifying everyone now, we’ve got units in route, as well as EMSA.

Southerland was fortunate that a citizen, Ken Barnes, was driving down the interstate, and he witnessed the shooting.

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When Barnes saw Southerland go down, he turned his vehicle around and drove the wrong way, through oncoming traffic, up the interstate to where Southerland was laying.

Southerland asks Barnes, “Do you have something I can tie my leg off with?” Barnes can be seen in the video running to his truck to retrieve some rope. When he returns, he helps Southerland fashion a tourniquet out of it.

Backup officers arrive shortly after. Capt. Darren Johnson was the first to arrive. He cleaned Southerland’s wound with a shirt Barnes had given him, and then placed his finger on it to stem the blood flow.

Both Barnes & Capt. Johnson kept talking to Southerland to keep him conscious. Shortly after Oklahoma County Deputy Johnny Berryman arrived on scene with a tourniquet kit and applied it to Southerland’s leg.

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Best wishes for the officer’s quick recovery and thanks to the guy who stopped to help.

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