Refugee Invites Woman To Read The Bible- Then Attacks Her With A Knife… WTF!

It’s funny how liberal media continues to complain about “fake news,” but they can choose to completely ignore when something tragic happens to a Christian. Well, the secret is out… A young male stabbed an innocent Christian woman because he was “offended” she was reading the Bible. Watch him receive instant karma!

According to clashdaily,

Funny how the ‘Religion of Peace’ sure does like attacking strangers.

So here we have a migrant from Afghanistan (have you seen how far Syria is from Afghanistan?) getting offended.

Imagine the story were reversed. If it had gone THIS way, it would be trending on Twitter. Hashtag ‘Islamphobia’.

Someone living in refugee camp invites a guest in so they can study the Koran together. Guest reads the Koran out loud. Young male Christian resident hears this, gets offended, grabs a knife and tries to stab her with it. Gets hauled off to prison, where it is unclear whether charges will be filed.

Outrage, right?

Except the woman was reading from the Bible.

An Afghan migrant attacked a Christian woman at an asylum center because he could hear her reading the Bible.

Reported by dailymail,

The 50-year-old was attacked in accommodation in Timelkam, Voecklamarkt in North Western Austria.

Her alleged attacker was a 22-year-old man from Afghanistan who had taken offence to the fact that the woman had been invited by Christian residents of the property to discuss the Bible.

When he found out what she was doing, he stormed into the kitchen where the woman was standing and tried to plunge the knife into her upper body.

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Luckily her thick winter coat protected her from serious injury, but she did injure her ear when she fell backwards from the force of the man’s violent blows.

When questioned by police, the man accepted he had overreacted but claimed he was suffering from ‘personal problems’.

He was ordered remanded in custody and taken to Wels Prison in Upper Austria.

It is unclear if he has been charged yet.

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Please pray for the safety of Christians all around the World!

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