Thief Get’s His A** Kicked OFF His Motorcycle By Kung Fu Master- OUCH!

Be careful who you steal from! This man thought it would be a good idea to reach into a truck and take a man’s cellphone- Little did he know the trucker knew Kung Fu and kicks his A**! WOW!

Reported by boredomtherapy,

You don’t have to believe in karma per se to believe that in some cosmic sense, what goes around comes around, and the way you treat other other people will determine how you yourself are treated in return. Unfortunately, though, some people just don’t get it.

Take this cellphone thief in China. Once he swiped a phone and hopped on his bike, he thought he was in the clear…but little did he know that justice was about to be served swiftly and decisively!

CCTV footage captured this biker in China pull up beside an empty semi-truck, climb up to the cab, reach in, and steal a cellphone — all in broad daylight! 

Thinking he got away with his crime, he hopped back on his bike and sped off, but he had to make U-turn ahead…

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