Veteran Cop Was Being Harassed By Black Thug: Watch Angry Construction Worker Come And Save The Day. Wow!

Black thug thought he could get away after he had stolen merchandise from a store. He begins attacking a Boston police trying to escape, but little did he know backup was just around the corner ready to teach him a lesson on respect! Ouch…

Reported by fd,

Boston police officer Edward Fleming was alerted of a larceny suspect on the loose in his neighborhood on August 31st. He was in the process of a routine detail for a construction crew that was working. A civilian, a man with the last name Fleming, who was a 21 year veteran of the force, spotted the suspect.

The suspect had stolen merchandise from the Berkeley College Bookstore when he began running into Prudential Mall. The veteran pursued the thief into the elevator, corridors, and halls. The veteran caught him when he was running a dead end and they began to get into a tussle. A massive construction worker saw the ordeal and came running in to help.

The construction man Ned Flood was able to floor the man and get him quiet so that the police officer could arrest him. Despite all his attempts to escape. Flood’s coworker Robert Doyle attempted to step in to help as well as the suspect was being arrested.

Fortunately the entire ordeal was caught on video tape via security footage. Boston Police Chief Commissioner William Evans commented on the ordeal while applauding the two construction workers for their help and bravery,

These construction workers do a lot for this city and have always had a great relationship with our officers. We appreciate their support and the support of those from Boston Properties for their role in following up on this incident.”

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Thank God the construction worker was at the right place at the right time!

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