Jenna Dewan goes barefaced for 41st birthday, plus more stars without makeup in 2021

See your favorite stars without makeup in 2021!

Eating Habits That Are Wrecking Your Body After 50

Some of the most common habits might actually be damaging your health.

Stroke Survivor Designs Off Road Wheelchair

In episode 63, Geoff Babb talks about a wheelchair he designed to get out in the wilds of Oregon and the world as recovers from his stroke. Continue reading “Stroke Survivor Designs Off Road Wheelchair”…

Moderna may have Omicron booster by March

The same day the first confirmed U.S. case of the Omicron coronavirus variant surfaced in California, Moderna said it could have a booster targeting the new COVID-19 variant as soon as March. Moderna president Stephen Hoge says his company is already working on that booster program. He told Reuters Wednesday he believes booster shots carrying genes specifically targeting mutations in the variant

Woodland walks 'save the NHS £185million a year', says study

The study was based on 2016 research that found weekly visits to outdoor green spaces of at least 30 minutes can reduce the prevalence of depression in the population by 7 per cent.

Man reveals shocking effect on his body after only eating KFC for one month

An Australian man who took on the challenge of only eating KFC for an entire month has revealed the devastating effect fast food can have on the body. Fitness fanatic Conan Visser claimed he piled on eight kilograms and noticed a drastic slump in his mental health after 30 days of only consuming KFC. Speaking on his TikTok, Visser said his diet of deep-fried chicken, chips, mashed potatoes and burgers resulted in liver and kidney damage — but...

Cardiologists Say These Are The Worst Foods For Your Heart, And There Goes My Whole Diet

Man, there are some shockers in here.

18 easy meals you can make in the microwave

Surprisingly, you can make many meals in your microwave, including pasta, fish, chicken, and French toast.

This Bathroom Habit Makes Your Dementia Risk Soar, Study Says

Concerned about developing dementia? Experts say that failing to keep up with this one hygiene habit is sending your risk soaring.

These 23 Vegetables Are Surprising Sources of Protein

They're strong.

30 Amazing Secrets About Coca-Cola You Never Knew

There are so many fun facts about Coca-Cola out there. From the soda's creation to those holiday bears, here's what to know about the iconic soda brand.

Caffeine and Its Health Effects

How is that daily cup of coffee impacting your health?

The Healthiest Cooking Oils, According to a Registered Dietitian

Everything you need to know, including smoke points and best uses.

Martha Kalifatidis and Michael Brunelli step out after engagement

Married at First Sight stars Martha Kalifatidis and Michael Brunelli were pictured in public for the first time since announcing their engagement on Sunday night.

Ed Kavalee and Tiffiny Hall's love story

The hilarious way Ed Kavalee convinced his now-wife, personal trainer Tiffiny Hall to go on their first date revealed. "It's getting a bit ridiculous that you keep asking Tiffiny in."

20 physical activities to make you sweat that are NOT the gym

If you find going to the gym intimidating and expensive, don’t let that stop you from working out. Here are 20 ways you can exercise and sweat away the pounds that don’t involve heading to the gym.

Signs To Look For If You Think You're Having a Midlife Crisis

In the year as difficult as this one, who isn't?

Prince William reveals 'cringing' moment with Taylor Swift, his favourite tunes and car rides with his mum and Harry

The Duke of Cambridge will take listeners on a walk down memory lane when he joins forces with Apple Fitness+ for a special festive episode of its "Time To Walk" audio series. William, 39, is hoping to encourage people to take a break and go for a walk for their mental wellbeing over the Christmas period. CNN understands the duke is a fan of the series and approached Apple about the project. William opens the episode contemplating his father's...

Christie Brinkley’s Secrets for Aging Gracefully

Can you believe she is 65?

Pandemic Stress, Exhaustion Weigh on Health Care Workers

The pandemic is taking a toll on health care workers' sleep, which can put both their mental health and patient care at risk, researchers warn.

'Harry Potter' star pregnant with 4th child, plus more stars expecting babies

See which stars are currently pregnant or preparing to expand their families in 2021.

25 Things To Sell When You’re Ready To Retire

Many people downsize in retirement as a way to cut back on expenses and make their lives simpler. For some, this means relocating to a smaller home or a retirement community. For others, this can just...

Gene Test Spots Breast Cancer Patients Who Can Skip Post-Op Chemo

A genetic test can identify older breast cancer patients who can forgo chemotherapy after surgery, even if the cancer has spread to nearby lymph nodes, a large international clinical trial shows.

Gene Found in Amish Helps Protect Their Hearts

A rare gene variant discovered among Amish people may help lower "bad" cholesterol and protect against heart disease, a new study suggests.

Khloé Kardashian was still dating Tristan Thompson when he conceived his third child with personal trainer: 'He cheated again'

Khloé Kardashian is "upset" after finding out that Tristan Thompson cheated on her again. According to People, the reality TV star "knows about the baby" that the NBA star has reportedly fathered with personal trainer Maralee Nichols. Nichols is suing Thompson for child support and other pregnancy-related fees after she said they conceived a child together on March 13 — Thompson's 30th birthday. According to court documents obtained by In Touch,...

Holiday Gifts for the Foodie in Your Life

The best way to ANYONE's heart is through their stomach.

Why do I grind my teeth and clench my jaw? And what can I do about it?

Alexander Holden, University of Sydney Dentists have reported a rise in teeth clenching and grinding since the pandemic began. The symptoms of teeth clenching and/or grinding (also known as bruxing or parafunction) can include pain in the teeth and gums, as well as jaw joints and muscles. The pain it causes can be debilitating and significantly affect your daily life. ... Continued

ASX Health Stocks: Neuren stock price doubles up on positive Phase 3 results

The ASX 200 Health Index (XHJ) is down by 0.80% at the time of writing, compared to the broader index ... Read More The post ASX Health Stocks: Neuren stock price doubles up on positive Phase 3 results appeared first on Stockhead.

Festive treats that don't have more than half a cup of sugar

Indulging in festive foods and being mindful of your health can seem like an impossible task during December, but Christmas can be healthier than you think. When asked to bring the dessert, people normally turn to classic recipes like pavlovas, puddings, trifles and mince pies, but typically these recipes are loaded with sugars. Generally, it's the sheer size of the meal — or meals — we consume on Christmas Day, and their high fat and sugar...

Mark Hoppus reveals his cancer announcement was an accident

Mark Hoppus has revealed he didn't mean to announce his cancer diagnosis earlier this year. The Blink-182 rocker, 49, accidentally posted a photo of himself in a chemotherapy chair to his Instagram Story in late June. "Yes hello. One cancer treatment, please," he wrote alongside the photo. But according to People, it turns out he was only meant to share that photo with a few of his close friends, not his 1.2 million followers. READ MORE: Jonshel...

Teenager mad at parents for concealing childhood autism diagnosis

Some parents have a hard time coming to terms with their son or daughter's autism diagnosis - but is that enough of a reason to keep the truth from their child? One teen, who has just learned of her own diagnosis, says definitely not. The 16-year-old girl has turned to Reddit for support saying she only discovered the truth after she began dating someone with autism and decided to do some more research. READ MORE: Toddler's life-changing moment...

Assistance Dogs Bring Big Boost to Deaf People

Hearing dogs make a huge difference in deaf people's lives, a new British study shows. 

'I'm a beauty writer. Here are 5 products I always recommend to my friends.'

If there's one thing I love doing (besides dropping toothpaste on my shirt each morning), it's handing out unwarranted skincare advice to anyone that will listen.Lucky for me, my friends love (tolerate) hearing all about the best products I've tested, and I regularly give them advice on the ones that'll help protect and look after their skin - even when it's ... Continued

Black Americans Less Likely to Lose Hearing as They Age

Older Black Americans are much more likely to have good hearing than white Americans, and the difference is especially notable among men, a new study shows. 

These Are the Best Foods to Reduce Your Risk of Cancer, According to Science

Sooo coffee and oatmeal for breakfast, everyone?

The 40 Best Foods for Lowering Your Cholesterol, According to a Nutritionist

Stock up on dark chocolate, stat.

How to eat whatever the hell you want this Christmas

Forget anxiety about your health mission come Christmas. This year you can eat whatever you want without an iota of food guilt. You're welcome. If you're on a health kick, the advice is often to clear your fridge and pantry of treat foods so you've only got healthy choices on hand. It's sound advice — but come Christmas, all bets are off with grazing platters, buffets, puddings and chocolates everywhere you cast your eyes. And let's be honest,...

If You Use the Bathroom This Often Every Day, See a Doctor

While using the bathroom is a daily part of life, if you're going more than eight times a day, it could be a sign of an overactive bladder.

Wearing This Increases Your Blood Clot Risk, Experts Say

Concerned about your risk. of blood clots? Experts say if you wear this, you may be in danger of clotting from Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT).

Find out what Derek Jeter and swimsuit model wife named 3rd child, more stars who had babies in 2021

See all the celebrities who gave birth, expanded their families or revealed happy baby news in 2021.

November Winners: ASX investors were spooked by Omicron, but wooed by Julimar, hydrogen and the metaverse

For the second month in a row the ASX was hit by a major sell-off in the last few days ... Read More The post November Winners: ASX investors were spooked by Omicron, but wooed by Julimar, hydrogen and the metaverse appeared first on Stockhead.

Screen time blamed for teenage eye condition usually found in elderly

Teens who spend long hours in front of screens are more likely to develop an eye condition typically seen among the elderly population. A new study has found a link between extended screen time and an increase in teens suffering dry eye disease caused by reduced blinking. The University of Auckland study involved monitoring the blink rate of more than 450 teenagers who attended a 2019 Auckland gaming convention, who had an average weekly screen...

How to tell if its time for a sleep divorce

He snores until the walls rattle. She gives off a massive amount of body heat. One of you is a cover hog, kicks at night or takes consistent 3am bathroom breaks. Maybe you sleepwalk or suffer from insomnia. The list of reasons why your bed partner might be keeping you up at night could be long and as dreary as your mood when you drag yourself from bed each morning. When it comes to your health, that's nothing to yawn at: Being deprived of a full...

How to deal with dust in your home if that dust mite allergy just won't go away

If you own a pet it can be particularly hard to keep your home clean - but it is possible.

The lesser-known symptoms of menopause no one talks about.

After experiencing occasional night sweats in the last two years, I am obsessed with finding out more about menopause, perimenopause, and the accompanying symptoms. The surge in high-profile women like Marian Keyes, Gillian Anderson and Trinny Woodall chatting openly about their journey through menopause has also helped to bust long-held societal myths and taboos about what it means to be menopausal. I ... Continued

20 health myths people still believe

When it comes to health, myths have a habit of sticking around even after various researchers, scientists and experts have proven, time and time again, that they are unfounded. In the following paragraphs, we’ll bust 20 of those long-standing myths.

Menstruation and human rights: What is the social and economic impact of periods?

Each month, 1.8 billion people menstruate globally. And yet, this natural and healthy biological process can have a significant social and economic impact on the lives of women, youth, transgender men, and non-binary persons. Here’s a look at how periods affect people’s lives around the globe.

ASX Health Stocks: Alcidion wins Aussie government contract, while Resonance seeks US FDA nod

The ASX 200 Health Index (XHJ) is down by 0.67% at the time of writing, compared to the broader index ... Read More The post ASX Health Stocks: Alcidion wins Aussie government contract, while Resonance seeks US FDA nod appeared first on Stockhead.

The Best Smoothie Combinations for Faster Weight Loss

While no one particular food can speed up weight loss, these smoothie combos can start your day with a boost.

Prince Harry says quitting job for mental health should 'be celebrated' if work doesn't 'bring joy'

Prince Harry said workers who quit their jobs for the sake of their mental health is "something to be celebrated." The Duke of Sussex said the world was on the cusp of a "mental health awakening" and people are realising they should resign if their work "didn't bring them joy". He added that mass resignations around the world "aren't all bad". READ MORE: Prince William recalls car rides with his mum and Harry Harry made the comments in his role...